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Handling a DWI or DUI charge

Most people take the privilege of driving lightly, and fail to appreciate the consequences of abusing that privilege by driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) as it is termed in several states. This is the issue what law enforcement in that state is being pressured to address through increased vigilance and the threat of tough DWI or DUI laws. Unfortunately, it can make it difficult, not to mention expensive, to navigate your way out of an undeserved charge especially if it is your first time in the system.

A DWI or DUI charge is not like an expensive traffic ticket that you can simply pay and be on your way. For one thing, you don’t spend time in jail when you get a ticket, nor will your license be suspended. True, you can pay a hefty fine for both situations, but a DWI is also a crime, so it will go on your permanent record. It would be desirable to have the charges against you dismissed or at the very least mitigated to a diversion program. The best way to handle a DUI/DWI charge is to get a lawyer onboard as soon as possible.

Something to keep in mind if you have been charged with a DUI or DWI are the penalties that could ensue. An experienced DUII attorney will be able to spot any weaknesses in the case against you and get the charges dismissed. The lawyer knows how the system works so that you can avoid having your license suspended, you car impounded as well as no costly mistakes that can compromise your defense. It is important to remember that a criminal record is for life and will always come out in background checks necessary for job applications and loans, and may bar you from social and professional advancements. It would be a false economy to try to do handle DWI charges, as you could end up paying much more than you can afford.

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