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Cruise Ship Injuries during Excursions

Going on shore excursions is frequently the highlight of any cruise vacation, especially if the port is in a foreign city. Most passengers sign up for at least one shore excursion when booking their passage, and in general it all goes according to plan. The passengers come home hale, hearty, and full of interesting stories to tell.

There are times, however, when misfortune will strike and the passenger sustains an injury during a shore excursion. Accidents happen at any time and any place, and it does not have to be anybody’s fault; this is why it is good to have comprehensive travel insurance when taking a trip. But when the accident is due to the breach of care of a third party, such as the tour operator or the local tender boat company, then it is a different matter. The victim has every right to sue for compensation. The question is who is liable?

It may be suggested that since a shore excursion is off the cruise ship, the cruise liner is not responsible for any injuries. This is not necessarily true. If the cruise ship owns and operates the shore excursion tour more fails to include a disclaimer in the ticket, the cruise liner remains liable for any injuries while on a shore excursion. If the injury happens in or getting on or off a tender boat (which transports passengers from an offshore ship to the port and back), the liability may still be the cruise liner’s because they are responsible for the safe transport of their passengers.

There are many ramifications in determining liability for injuries arising from cruise accidents, not the least of which because cruise lines are often foreign-owned and registered. This means a complicated tussle on a myriad of local and international laws. When injured on a cruise whether on board or during a shore excursion, consult immediately with an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer.