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Confessions from a Friend with an International Wife

So, I’ve got a friend, and he’s getting divorced. That’s stressful and sad enough (I think in that order), but it’s even worse for him. His wife is an international. I don’t want to say from where, I don’t want him (or her) to get picked out since I don’t know if they’d want me talking about them, but the whole thing is so much more complicated than it already would be.

At least, I think it would be. I’ve never known anyone who got divorced before, but it always seems tough based off what I see on TV. All I know about divorce, basically, is that people show up in a court and shout at each other and sometimes a little Hollywood magic comes along and makes everything alright again. Also, that the kids are always assured it’s not their fault, but they always think it is.

Thankfully, there are no kids involved in this case, but I also don’t know if there will be a courtroom scene with a judge and shouting. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a Hollywood-style reunion at least.

I’ve only just started doing some research on this, for my friend, since he’s just about as clueless as me. According to the law offices of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, there is a Hague law or something, but the U.S. doesn’t follow it. There are also questions about her green card or if she’ll stay. They have some property, I don’t know how that gets split up…

Anyway, I’m rambling now. The truth is, it seems that I am sadder than my friend is. I’ve always gotten along well with his wife. She’s cool and she’s cute. She’s a great cook and she has a nice accent and nice stories from where she comes from.

But whatever. It’s over for them, and now my friend has this mess on his hands. Apparently, because of the Hague thing not being agreed to in America, the divorce might not be official everywhere.

I really think he ought to just tough out this bad period and avoid all this legal mess, but he seems determined to do otherwise. I can’t quite figure it out. Unless he’s got someone on the side. Or she does. But I don’t see it with her.

Right, so I’m writing all this because I want to ask for some help for all of you. Anyone out there know anything about this subject that I can pass along to my friend? Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing, either as a lawyer or divorcee? Or is that too much to hope for?

Let me know, even if it’s just a good site to start seriously researching things. I’m sure my friend would appreciate it as well. Until then, I’ll just hope they somehow work it out like that Hollywood ending, just without the courtroom drama.