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Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people in traffic. First, they are not covered in metal like car drivers. Second, they have limited gear that can protect them from the damages of a motorcycle accident.
A motorcycle accident is even more tragic if it has been caused by a third party, like when a reckless driver ran through a red light and crashes into a motorcycle. The motorcyclist is not just innocent, as it is also likely that he is the one who has sustained more damages because of the reasons stated above.
According to the website of this Toronto personal injury lawyer, those who have been involved in such motorcycle accidents may have legal options. But when you think about it, avoiding motorcycle accidents is still better than getting compensatory money for your pain and suffering.

Head and Brain Trauma

One of the worst injuries you can sustain in a motorcycle accident is a traumatic injury in your head or brain. This is the very reason why motorcyclists use helmets, but sometimes the force in the accident is just so strong that the helmets can be overwhelmed.
This may result into physical problems such as severe headaches and vomiting, and cognitive problems such as difficulty concentrating and memory loss.


The body parts that are typically fractured during motorcycle accidents are the arms and legs. The arms are at risk because during an accident, people tend to extend their arms to absorb the impact and prevent damage in their torso. The legs are at risk because they take a significant role in operating the motorcycle, so they get smashed between the motorcycle and the pavement upon crashing.

Friction Injuries

When you think about motorcycle accidents, friction injuries don’t always come into your mind, even though they are some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries. These are injuries that can be sustained from sliding in the landing surface, such as cuts and scrapes that may be serious enough to be infected or damage the nerves in the affected body part.

Steps After a Car Accident

The United States Census Bureau has noted a total average of 10.6 million vehicular accidents occurred across the region from 2004 until 2009. Such staggering an amount is a signal that car accidents and other automobile failures are cause for serious concern in the USA.

This data proves that car accidents occur way too often in American roads, and the possibility that you could become part of an event that is similar isn’t far-off. There are steps you may take to assure that you and your passengers are well-taken care of if you were hurt in a car crash.

The most important thing to do is always to assemble necessary data in the other driver involved if you are in a minor collision. You may want the specifics of their insurance information, address, license plate number, vehicle registration details, and also their title. In turn, you should also provide exactly the same advice to the other driver. It could also be advantageous to collect observations that are as much concerning the scene itself. Taking note of the climate problems and also other related details can do a great deal to accelerate your accident’s investigation. Another helpful tip is to attempt to collect information concerning the accident from passers-by that witnessed the mishap, in addition to the passengers inside both vehicles.

Once authorities arrive, make an effort to be helpful by offering the information you have collected in regards to the injury up. Once you finish communicating the incident, ask the policeman for her or his name and badge number in order to have at least something to refer to when getting a replica of the incident record for insurance purposes.

Any hints of trauma must not be discounted. It would also be safer to err to the side of caution. There are a few harms that do not present themselves through signs that are notable. Only to be secure, seek medical care as soon as possible.