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The Basics in Dog Grooming

One of the most basics and most important part of being a dog owner is grooming your dog. Similar to humans, dogs also need proper physical maintenance in order to help make them feel and look good. Although dogs don’t necessarily need to bathe a much as humans do, it help to know what the crucial things are when it comes to dog grooming and to maintain a certain schedule. Dog grooming generally depends on the dog breed and the hair type. It would also be beneficial to consult your veterinarian to check if your dog has some form of ear, skin or nail condition that needs special treatment.

Grooming your dog means having the right grooming tools. Choosing the right tools for brushing, nail clipping and other necessities could make dog grooming easier and safer for you and your pet. For hair brushing, choose the type of brush that suits your dog’s hair the best; using one or two combs may even be needed. For long-haired dogs, daily brushing would be essential to avoid matting and tangles in their hair. This can also be an issue to medium-haired dogs, but they only need to be brushed at least weekly. On the other hand, short-haired dogs can go up to two weeks without brushing.

Bath time is not always an enjoyable experience to both the owner and the dog. However, if you learn how to give your pet a bath and have a schedule, it can become a more manageable and positive experience. Dogs need to be bathed at least once a month. Make sure to use shampoos that are specifically made for dos, and if your veterinarian suggests a special shampoo for your dog’s skin condition then it’s best to use that one. Moreover, make sure to clean your dog’s ears, because these places are a great place for bacteria and yeast to breed. Consult a veterinarian to ensure you know how to take care of your dog’s ears properly.

Dog grooming is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Giving your dog a massage after grooming could also help make them relaxed after what seems to them a very tiring experience. This will also make them believe that every grooming sessions will end in a special treat.