Custom, Luxury Yachts! Oh My!

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, purchasing a custom fishing yacht can be a whirlwind experience. Many desk jockeys yearn to get out of the dreary round of everyday life and into the open sea, even for just a little while. But just like being in the Land of Oz, there are pitfalls on this path to self-discovery.

For one thing, custom luxury yachts are often cost-prohibitive; it is often considered the plaything of the rich and the super-rich. Depending on the type, a new luxury wind- or engine-powered yacht for the first-time buyer can cost anywhere from $24,000 (19 feet) to $400,000 (37 feet).

But there is no need for despair if your budget does not run into the well-known brands. It is quite common to have one custom-built and the price will really depend on what the buyer wants. A yacht is after all just a fancy name for any boat or ship used for recreation, such as fishing. In that sense, a rowboat would be considered a yacht.

Taking it from there, a customized luxury fishing yacht can be a large sail boat with a built-in fishing chair, compartments for the tackle box and other fishing paraphernalia, and a cooler. It can also be a gas-powered boat with a cabin. In fact, as long as it serves its recreational purpose as a watercraft, it may be rightly considered as a custom, luxury yacht.

Anyone can literally contract a boat builder to make a customized fishing boat based on the owner’s specifications and preferred budget. There are no rules that require a recreational boat to be a certain length or accoutrements as long as it is seaworthy. However, it would be best to do your research and consult with an experienced boat builder to help in designing a yacht that will meet your needs.

In general, recreational and leisure boats should be registered. Registration requirements for both sailing and motorized boats depend on the state where it will be registered. In general, a reputable boat builder will be able to provide advice on what needs to be done to comply with the applicable laws, including import documents of the engine, if any.

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