The Effects and Costs of Car Accidents

Car accidents occur so frequently that the subject has become somewhat passé; that is, until it happens to you or someone close to you. The effects and costs of car accidents can be so severe that it can be profoundly life changing.

6.5 million car accidents occur every year. The most obvious effects of a car accident are physical. If you are very lucky, it merely means property damage and inconvenience. In many cases, however, the physical injury is to the driver and passengers, and when in a serious car accident, the chances of being killed is about 1 in 67. The chances of being seriously injured as a passenger or driver in a car crash are approximately 6%.

Other effects of a car accident are not so obvious. Many car accident survivors develop mental and emotional disorders as they more fully assimilate the experience after the initial shock wears off. Some who witnessed the death of a loved one become severely depressed, while others show symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Still others undergo a personality change as the radical shift in their life becomes more apparent. Some eventually recover; others do not.

The effects of these physical, emotional and mental changes have corresponding costs, the most obvious of which is financial. Medical bills, rehabilitation, psychiatric treatment, and other health issues can be high enough to ruin even a fairly affluent person. Include that fact that these health conditions can effectively bar the victim from engaging in income-generating activities, and that is a financial situation that can easily lead to bankruptcy.

And if that was not bad enough, the stress of the incident can erode family solidarity, professional relationships, and social networks. The pain and suffering associated with car crash injury and fatality can be truly devastating.

It is no wonder that negligent car crash victims and their survivors often sue for, and get, punitive damages far in excess of the actual costs associated with the injuries and/or wrongful death. In reality, there is no real way of compensating for such a horrendous experience.

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  1. Tragically, the costs of an injury do indeed pile up dramatically, forcing many people into bankruptcy.

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