How to Avoid a Salon Horror Story

I once went to a hair salon and sat in the waiting room for over an hour. When I got there, I was told by the receptionist that someone would be with me shortly. They were wrong. I filled up five plastic cups with water and two Styrofoam cups of coffee before the stylist finally called me back.

At this point, I was tired, frustrated, hungry, and in a terrible mood. I sat down in the stylist’s chair and just asked for a trim (I’m a guy with short hair). The stylist noted my request and started cutting my hair. The result was an abomination, but I still had to pay for it. I had to pay to wait in a room for over an hour just to get a bad haircut. I hope you never have had or have been forced to suffer through a similar experience.

This experience taught me a very important lesson: it is extremely important to research a salon before you go. This was true from my experience as a mid-20’s male and I imagine it is a lesson that is especially useful to learn for others with unique hairstyle requests. The waiting is something that I could get over, but the fact that I had to wait for a bad haircut was merely awful.

Some salons, like this one I found during my research called Therapy Hair Studio, even go out of their way to enhance the environment and overall feel of the salon. Some salons will provide drinks like champagne, wine, tea, or cappuccinos while your hair is being treated. I must admit, I could have used a couple of glasses of wine while I was waiting, and maybe a couple more after I looked in the mirror and saw what my stylist had done to my head.

Along with research concerning the salon itself, I would also see if you can find anything out about a potential stylist. In my horror story that I described above, I did not do any research. In fact, I simply walked in for an appointment. My advice would be to ALWAYS research a stylist. Ask your friends where they get their hair done and ask them if they have been satisfied. Also, follow some stylists on social media, like Instagram, because they will often post some photos of their recent work. These photos will give you a good idea if the stylist can provide the type of look you are looking for.

Since my terrible experience, I have since had much success after doing a little research into the salon and stylist. My current stylist is great. I come in, I do not wait for a second, and he gives me a quick, good-looking haircut that is exactly what I’m looking for. During the haircut, we talk about sports, movies, and politics. This experience is infinitely better than what I first described to you!

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