Why Push for Temporary Partial Disability Benefits?

It is mandated by law and common practice that every regular employee of any type of business is to be entitled to paid sick leaves. There will be some days when you might feel yourself too poorly to come in to work. This might be due to a sudden fever or a flu, maybe even some bad chicken or sour milk the night before. It happens to everyone and nearly all of these instances are unpredictable and understandable. There is, however, quite a bit of a difference between being sick and having a temporary partial disability.

Being sick means that you are made unable to work for a few days due to health complaints whereas a temporary partial disability not only means an inability to perform tasks at work but also it presumes that the disability will last for more than just a few days, as are the instances of fractures or some other hindrance. And, as most companies do, paid sick leaves can only be claimed for a certain amount of days and once these are exhausted, filing for temporary partial benefits might be the only way you can financially get by.

According to the attorneys over at Hankey Law Office P.C., via their website, most companies proactively provide their workers with these benefits if the disability was born out of an injury from work due to some form of negligence. However, this is not always the case.

The procedure in order to avail these benefits can be quite stressful and complicated; given that you are already, presumably, with a temporary disability, trying to get better and live your life as normally as possible can be quite a task in itself as it is. Acquiring the help of an attorney in order to make the procedure of making sure you get these benefits might make the process quite a bit smoother and more pain-free than it has to be. It is also recommended to make claims as soon as the injury has occurred to ensure maximum compensation.

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